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SDCC 2014- Sleepy Hollow Panel

Is anyone going to post the Sleepy Hollow panel from this year’s Comic Con? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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Marvel SDCC 2014

So Marvel just announced that they will be doing a panel at Hall H again this year. Raise your hand if this surprises you.

Nobody?….Didn’t think so.

Anyway, considering how wonderfully Tom Hiddleston’s appearance as Loki went last year, no doubt Marvel is going to try something similar this year and I was thinking…..

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had Lee Pace, in costume as Ronan the Accuser? Just sayin’. 

Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

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Regarding the Musical: 1776


Its a period musical starring MR. FEENY. Tumblr, you should be all over this.

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A Chocolate Room Should Have Chocolate

Does anyone else find it strange that, in a room called The Chocolate Room, the only thing that was chocolate was the river. I mean, everything else seemed to have been made by the Haribo, Trolli or Decco candy company.

Come on, Wonka, I know you’re supposed to be eccentric and all, but a chocolate room should have more chocolate.

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About the Glass Elevator…

Okay, if Willy Wonka knew that the final button was going to take him up and out of the factory, wouldn’t it have been better to build an exit rather than just have the elevator smash through the glass ceiling?

I mean, eventually that’s going to have to get fixed. I mean, what if it rains?

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Wonka and Frizzle Sitting in a Tree….

I could totally see Willy Wonka and Miss Frizzle getting together and having adorable red-headed, curly haired, genius babies together.

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Two days til my favorite holiday traditions. #1776 #independence day #fourth of July  #John adams #hbo #feeny #paul giamatti #william daniels #congress #declaration of independence #john cullum #thomas Jefferson  #benjamin franklin

Two days til my favorite holiday traditions. #1776 #independence day #fourth of July #John adams #hbo #feeny #paul giamatti #william daniels #congress #declaration of independence #john cullum #thomas Jefferson #benjamin franklin

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Loki in Guardians of the Galaxy?

So, I had a thought…..

Marvel has made it clear that Loki will not be appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, no one has said anything about him not being in Guardians of the Galaxy. They already had Asgard deliver the ether to The Collector, presumably for Thanos. What’s to stop them from having Loki show up for his next assignment/plan for Thanos, or to just try for his own ends to get an infinity gem for himself?
Maybe in the after credits?
Those are just my thoughts. Anyone else have any ideas?

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"Fictional characters do exist, not in our world of course, we’d be screwed if that ever happened. But in the world of our minds, they are the main population there. They bring colour and life to it, they are the little voices in your head telling you not to do something because it’ll end up bad.
People who don’t read and scoff at people who like reading, they will never have that. Their minds will be grey and boring, they’ll never know the pleasure and pain that it is to love someone so much, even though you can’t physically touch them.
So if anyone ever laughs at you for reading and being imaginative, pity them. Because they will grow old and boring, their lives will be sad and plain while yours will be full of the adventures you shared with the fictional characters in the books you love."

-My Literature teacher, when she saw that someone was making fun of me because I like reading. (via everythingisbetteratdusk)

Preach it!

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